Fall 2010

CS 100 Intro to the Computer Science Profession

CS 221 First Course in Computer Science for Engineers

PhD Students - Former

PhD Students - Current

MS Projects Supervised (University of Kentucky)

Jianbo Li   Summer 1999   Weighted Fair Queueing in Linux
Ashish Chandwadkar   Fall 1999   Congestion Control for Tau
Ajay Garg   Fall 1999   Design and Simulation of Net Recon Service
X. Yu   Spring 2000  
Manoj Guglani   Fall 2000   Implementation of MADCAP Protocol
Sarita Challagulla   Fall 2000   Implementation of Secure Turnin Protocol
Ivana Mihalek   Fall 2001   Secure Signaling for Concast
Srini Venkatraman   Spring 2001   Lightweight Authenticated Access
to Reserved Resources
Swami Natarajan   Fall 2002   Charging Framework for Diffserve
Rajesh Agrawal   Fall 2002   Secure Remote Login
Sanjiv Ganguly   Fall 2003   General Protocol Test Harness
Arun Bayya   Fall 2003   The IP Address-to-User Information Server
Jiphun Satapathy   Open Flow-Based Security Layer
In Progress

If you think you might want to do your MS Project with me, please read this outline of expectations.
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