Concast Distribution

Note: This distribution is an old concast release (2001-2002). Although, most of the information is still relevant, the latest release contains many more features. The current concast release including 'Secure Concast', using IPSec channels, is an in-house release that is available only upon request.

Concast has been implemented under the Linux operating system with modifications to the Linux kernel. The current distribution includes applications, user level daemons, and kernel modifications. It is required that you run our modified concast kernel and the user level daemons in order to run concast applications .

The Concast package which includes the signalling daemons, the merge daemons, sample applications, kernel module, and kernel patch is available here:
Download the beta release

The following is a list of links where you will find useful documentation to get started with concast.

All questions/comments/bugs should be sent to