Network Seminar

Fall 2002

Network Seminar

Network seminar is open to anyone interested in computer networking related research. Each meeting features a speaker presenting a networking related topic for 30-45min, questions and discussions usually follows.

Schedule of Speakers

Oct 10
Mary Bond
Offloading the OSPF Protocol: HELLO Processing (abstract, slides)
Oct 16 (Wednesday 2:00-3:00)
James P.G. Sterbenz from BBN
Survivable Mobile Wireless Networks: Issues, Challenges, and Research Directions (abstract)
Oct 24
Qingyu Zhang
SOS: Secure Overlay Services (abstract)
Oct 31 (room TBA)
Nov 7
Nov 14
Leon Poutievski i3 (Internet Indirection Infrastructure) (abstract)
Nov 21
Sherlia Shi Design of Overlay Networks for Internet Multicast (abstract)
Nov 25
Amit Sehgal cancelled
Dec 5

Dec 12
Henning Schulzrinne A new look at Internet Signaling (abstract)

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